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Company history and production with respect for quality and environment 
The history of our company

After having been "the good water" for centuries, appreciated by the local population for its quality and beneficial effects, CHIARELLA water has been bottled directly at the spring in the town of Plesio, above Menaggio since 1964, and continues to maintain his promise of purity and quality.

Philosophy and values

In over fifty years of history, Chiarella has always shown a great attention to the environment and CSR.
Several projects have been developed over the years, with significant investments to minimize the impact on the area and guarantee positive effects throughout the territory.
Give life to the mountain, which gives us a living. It is a question of reciprocity.

Production and respect of the environment

Inaugurated in Plesio in 1965, the establishment (then only Chiarella) was hailed in the newspapers of the time as "the most panoramic plant in Europe for bottling mineral waters".
Since then, the factory has continuously renewed and upgraded its facilities, joining the glass line in 1988 with a modern PET water bottling plant.
And the latest generation PET system (Krones monoblock for blowing and filling bottles in "clean room") has recently been installed.

Acque Minerali Val Menaggio S.r.l. it has never stopped growing and improving its production, safety, hygiene and energy consumption reduction standards using modern systems that meet the needs of customers as well as those of the workers who work there, and without ever forgetting the importance of safeguarding environment.

Acque Minerali Val Menaggio

The declared objective of AMVM Srl is to produce and distribute high quality mineral water.
Therefore, the commercial mission is developed in the direction of the qualitative and weighted distribution of the product, and not quantitative.
The numbers must be a consequence, not a priority.
Quality remains the first goal of the company, whose offer is always based on product warranty and service.
A story that develops through two centuries and two millennia, is the proof that the objectives declared by the company coincide with the facts.

Quality and well-being