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The excellence of Nature meets the excellence of Man ..

Literally Sympòsion means "drinking together". In its classical exception, during a Sympòsion, art constituted a part of the banquet like dishes and drinks served to diners.
At this banquet, artists and important personalities were invited to express themselves on certain concepts. Inspired by this pleasant and noble custom, Acqua Chiarella has launched her very personal Sympòsion; an open project in which, over the years, the "guests" of Chiarella will express themselves on two points to which the company is particularly attached:
its tradition and its history.

These are the values that Acqua Chiarella supports and spreads in Italy and in the world.
The SYMPOSION project is born from this corporate attitude.
Lorenzo Palmeri for Acqua Chiarella
Lorenzo Palmeri signs the new 0.70 Acqua Chiarella glass bottle. Water is the protagonist.


A new format, a new cap, a non-label label: Acqua Chiarella entrusts the design of the new 0.70 glass bottle to Lorenzo Palmeri, who captures the essence of the water in the project.
A project that is also an interpretation of the world that proposed by the designer Lorenzo Palmeri who in designing the new Acqua Chiarella glass bottle lays the water, stripping the bottle of any superfluous content to make it the protagonist.
An iconic bottle that offers shapes, absences, transparencies and engravings that merge into a completely new radical aesthetic tension in the market. The design brings water back to the center, without caging it as it often happens in shapes and labels that seem to deny it rather than make it the protagonist. The new Acqua Chiarella bottle therefore does not hide, but reveals the water: limpidity, intrinsic characteristics of perfect balance of mineral salts, lightness.
In the project signed by Lorenzo Palmeri glass becomes a story: the predilection for engraving in conveying the logo, the choice of reliefs on the surface where the mountains and Lake Como are recognized, that is, the origin and the territory, two values foundations of the Acqua Chiarella brand.
The cap was also the subject of a design intervention: a sign line to indicate the type of water, red for natural water and blue for the sparkling variant.

"At Lorenzo Palmeri we launched a challenge: to create an iconic product, immediately recognizable and unique in its proposal but at the same time telling our story and identity in a new way - says Andrea Vaccani, director of Acque Minerali Val Menaggio who strongly wanted and supported this project - "For this Lorenzo has always been encouraged to be faithful to his vision of the project and to make an all-round intervention, from the shape of the bottle, to the cap to the label. We gave Lorenzo all our technical support and trust and a new aesthetic and functional vision was born from this relationship".

The design phase involved the company but also the entire supply chain, a process shared and participated in every single detail. "The logo and the historical landscape that have always characterized our label have been proposed in a stylistic synthesis engraved in the glass - continues Andrea Vaccani - Achieving this particular effect on glass was a long and articulated work that we developed together with the glassworks to overcome technical constraints. The result is a bottle that conveys our story through a new and innovative aesthetic code, because for our company, now in its third generation, tradition is a dynamic and never static concept".

The 0.70 glass bottle is part of Symposion, the project launched by Acqua Chiarella and now in its third edition.

The essence of the project is to invite artists and, more generally, exponents of the world of Art, to discuss the theme of the Excellence of Nature and Man, values ​​that the Acqua Chiarella brand brings to the table every day, in Italy and worldwide .

After the contemporary artist Fabrizio Musa and the tribute to Achille Castiglioni on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, this year the Symposion project is entrusted to Lorenzo Palmeri for his experience, his creativity, courage and natural inclination to research an aesthetic that survives the changing tastes and times.


Lorenzo Palmeri , architect, deals with design, active in the fields of design, architecture, art direction, teaching, composition and musical production.
Among his teachers Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe with whom he collaborated for several years.
He designed many things: houses, guitars, lamps, vases, tables ..., chocolates. As art director he followed various projects and company paths, including Invicta, 2007; DesignRe; Lefel (design project by the publisher Feltrinelli) 2009-2010; Arthemagroup, 2010; Stone Italiana from 2012, Vicentina Marmi, 2019.
Among the main customers: Fumagalli components, Valenti Luce, Arthemagroup, Korg, Noah guitars, Garofoli, Andreoli, Guzzini, Invicta, Upgroup, Caffè River, De Vecchi, Nissan, Feltrinelli, Napapijri, Pandora Design, Lavazza, Corvasce, Danese, Ernst Knam, Jannelli & Volpi, Caimi Brevetti, DeVorm, Valcucine, Stone Italiana, Dornbracht, ECO-oh !, Vicentina Marmi, Acqua Chiarella.
He has been involved in teaching since 1997, teaching at the most renowned national and international design schools.
In the field of music he wrote soundtracks for theater and installations. In 2009 the album "preparazioni per la rain" was released, with the collaboration of prestigious guests such as Saturnino on bass and Franco Battiato. At the end of 2014 "erbamatta" arrived, his second album and in 2019 "the nature of the lightning rod".
He has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions. In 2017 he was nominated among the "Ambassadors of Italian Design" within the Italian Design Day. His projects have won and have been selected for important national and international awards.


Symposion: the multi-year project signed by Acqua Chiarella

Excellence of Nature, Excellence of Man: these are the values ​​that Acqua Chiarella - water from the Acque Minerali Val Menaggio group that is born, flows and is bottled in the heart of the mountains of Lake Como - represents, supports and spreads in Italy and in the world.

Precisely from this desire to protect and promote Excellence, Sympòsion was developed in 2017, the project signed Acqua Chiarella, in which the Excellence of Nature and the Excellence of Man meet.

The Greek word Sympòsion, literally "drinking together", is in the classical culture the place of feasting where the Arts are the protagonist together with food and drinks. In particular, in the Platonic declination of the Sympòsion, authoritative guests are invited to express themselves on a specific topic. Hence the idea of ​​the Acqua Chiarella Sympòsion project: to invite artists and, more generally, exponents of the world of Art, to discuss the theme of the Excellence of Nature and Man, values ​​that the Acqua Chiarella brand brings every day on the table, in Italy and worldwide.

This year, the Symposion project was entrusted to Lorenzo Palmeri, architect and designer, who returned a new design concept for water - the new 0.70 glass format - and a new consumer experience. In past years, Symposion has seen the collaboration of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation for the creation of an unprecedented 0.77 format tribute to the 100 years of the birth of Achille Castiglioni and the contemporary artist Fabrizio Musa.

Fabrizio Musa for Acqua Chiarella
Project Symposion

Fabrizio Musa, (Como 1971) lives and works between Como and New York. Since his artistic debut, in the second half of the nineties, he has contaminated the more traditional painting techniques with new technologies. The working method of Fabrizio Musa, contemplates a plurality of techniques and has on several occasions been linked to architecture.

Since 2008 he collaborates with the architect Mario Botta in a project of pictorial re-elaboration of his architecture already realized in several exhibitions: "Church of the Holy Face Txt" in Turin on the occasion of the XXIII World Architecture Congress in 2008, the exhibition "Mario Botta. Txt "at the Montrasio Art Gallery in Monza, up to" Culture Nature - Botta.Txt "at the Venice Biennale, 12th International Architecture Exhibition in 2010.

Among his latest personal exhibitions we highlight the Videoinstallation (public work) "Terragni 80" on the Casa del Fascio in Como, the participation in the "Antonio Sant'Elia the Future of the cities" exhibition at the Milan Triennale, the "Antonio Sant 'exhibition Elia, at the origin of the Project "at the Civic Art Gallery of Como, the personal" Terragni.txt "in the new headquarters of the Terragni Archive inside the Novocomum in Como," Milan New York "at the Urban Center in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, "Archi.txt" at the Federico Rui Gallery of Contemporary Art in Milan, "Terragni.Txt" at the Italian Center for Contemporary Art in Foligno, "Bruxelles.Txt at the CIVA Museum (Center International pour la Ville, Architecture et le Paysage) of Brussels, "Monotypes" at the Firmafede Fortress of Sarzana, "China Txt", Galleria Obraz of Milan, "Tribute to Terragni" at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels, "Terragni.Txt" at the Palazzo del Broletto in Como.


Acqua Chiarella for 100X100 ACHILLE
a new format and a "Design Week Limited Edition"
to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Achille Castiglioni

The Limited Edition created in collaboration with the Achille Castiglioni Foundation is part of Sympòsion, the Art Edition project signed Acqua Chiarella in which the Excellence of Nature (Water) and the Excellence of Man (the Art) meet.
A label to wish Happy Birthday to the great Master!

Chiarella presents the first design project, a new format - 0.66L - and a "Design Week Limited Edition" that commemorates Achille Castiglioni on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

A tribute to the figure of the Architect and Designer who had a genuine passion for the objet trouvè, the anonymous objects of which the windows of his study are full, today archive-museum, seat of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation.

For the 100X100 ACHILLE exhibition, organized by the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, 100 of the most important designers and architects in the world have been invited to "bring as a gift" to the Foundation an anonymous object of daily use accompanied by a personalized greeting card.

Also Chiarella wanted to contribute to this beautiful initiative bringing as a gift one of the most widespread anonymous objects in the world: the water bottle.

And the label is the greeting card for Achille Castiglioni's 100 years.

The label has been redesigned starting from one of the most famous phrases of the brilliant Architect and Designer: "If you're not curious, forget it", an invitation to "physically" enter the three-dimensional label and discover the profile of Achille Castiglioni, imagine and ask the story of this water bottle just like he did in front of everyday objects.

The Limited Edition created in collaboration with the Achille Castiglioni Foundation is part of Sympòsion, the Art Edition project signed Acqua Chiarella in which the Excellence of Nature (Water) and the Excellence of Man (the Art) meet.
Symposion for Pallacanestro Varese
With Symposion, the excellence of Nature meets the excellence of Man.

In our Symposion we met excellent personalities with whom to talk, share and reinterpret our history.
Starting from art, we continued through the history of design.
In this protagonist chapter is the sport: the captain of the Basketball Varese Giancarlo Ferrero is our guest in this episode of Symposion.